The Complete Pro Athlete Experience Mentorship!

Unlock your Infinite Potential with our Most Elite Online Training & Mentorship Experience!

Learn from Olympians, Pros, and their Coaches!  

Perfect for all ages with Beast Band & Weight Training Program options!

Experience what it's like to Train Like a Pro!

What you'll receive:

  • Everything inside is EXACTLY how we have ALL of our Olympic & Pro Athletes Prepare & Train!
  • Choose between 3+ Workout Programs (includes Complete In Season & Off Season Training Programs)
  • Mobility & Prehab Protocols to Build a Bulletproof Body to Prevent Injuries, Enhance Stability throughout your Range of Motion, & Accelerate Recovery
  • Nutritional Strategies to Enhance Performance & Recovery
  • Training Drills and Tips to Maximize your Performance On & Off the Ice/Field/Course/etc. 
  • Take your training to the next level with our Signature PAP Protocols for Skill Execution Enhancement 
  • Learn Mindset Methods & Techniques to Become the Leader of Your Own Life!
  • Learn how to Optimize your Recovery & Healing with Exclusive Protocols from Coach Stoop's infamous Guided Healing Technique! 
  • Learn more about the Recruiting Process
  • NEW Exercises, Workouts, Drills, PAP Protocols, Mindset Mastery Techniques, & much much more added MONTHLY!

We are SO excited to connect with everyone here and create a Community that Grows Together Infinitely! 

See you on the inside! 💪 LFG


Hayley Scamurra's IPE Podcast Interview:

Our Infinite Potential Experience Podcast interview with Hayley Scamurra diving deeper into Our Pro Athlete Experience and the Importance of Mindset, Nutrition, Proper Training, Recovery, & REST!

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