#010- SGT Joseph Garcia

Season #1

Welcome to the latest episode of the IPE Podcast, where we're honored to have Joseph García as our special guest. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades in Law Enforcement Special Operations, García brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our discussion. Throughout his journey, García has traversed various agencies' special operations units across multiple states, cementing his expertise in handling high-risk operations within prisons, jails, and courtrooms. Internationally recognized for his contributions,

García has collaborated with prison agencies worldwide and gained approval from the Department of State for his endeavors. As a pioneer in modern corrections special operations within the US Prison System, García has been involved in classified operations ranging from inmate insurrections to hostage situations and major riots. He's also played a pivotal role in high-risk cartel interdictions and the transportation of international terrorists, demonstrating his versatility and adaptability in challenging environments. One of García's most notable achievements is the introduction of the Giant Schnauzers K9 program, revolutionizing law enforcement practices.

Despite facing initial challenges, García persevered, leading to the deployment of the nation's first Corrections Special Operations K9 in 2010. His innovative approaches, including pioneering technology use and establishing innovative deployment programs, have significantly contributed to the evolution of law enforcement strategies. Join us as we delve into García's remarkable career, exploring his groundbreaking contributions and innovative approaches that continue to shape the landscape of Law Enforcement Special Operations. Don't miss out on this exclusive episode featuring a true trailblazer in the field!


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